Thursday, August 18, 2011

37 weeks

Well, again I haven't updated in a while!
I am 37 weeks pregnant...there is a lot going on with this pregnancy! At 32 weeks I found out that I have gestational diabetes which I have been able to manage well with my diet. I do get a little tired of having to check my sugar with the glucometer but it isn't that bad...I will do whatever it takes to get our precious baby here safe and healthy!!!
Beginning at my 34 week appointment my amniotic fluid has been measuring a little high, so I get an ultrasound and a NST (non stress test) every week until baby Jaycee gets here!
Jaycee is not a fan of the NST at all! She never cooperates and I ALWAYS end up being on the monitor for at least 45 mins to an hour! Everything has turned out just fine each time but the first time this happened it scared me to death! They were talking about sending me to the hospital to stay over night and everything!
Due to the gestational diabetes and the high fluid levels the dr keeps telling me that my water could break at any time even before actual labor or contractions start...this is a little scary for me just because we live so far away from the hospital (normally I wouldn't even mind my water breaking at home but they want me to get to the hospital immediately due to the high fluid levels)
Everything will work out and if Jaycee isn't here on her own in the next 2 weeks I will be induced. All along we had planned on letting her come on her own but with all of the other risks we are planning on doing the safest thing for her!!!

I officially started my maternity leave today, I was going to stick it out until right up to the day but my feet have started swelling so bad I could barely wear my tennis shoes today! I couldn't even tie them!!! The girls at work have been awesome to let me do a lot of phone calls/things I could do sitting down...I was trying not to duck out too early but I think it is the best thing for us!

Jenessa has started 3rd grade and we LOVE her teacher! She is awesome! Jenessa is going to be such a great big sister! She is soooo excited!!!!


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