Friday, March 18, 2011

15 weeks!

I'm a little behind on here! I'm so excited about my 16 week dr appt on Wednesday, everything is progressing well so far! I have gained 3 lbs and lost them again which is ok with the dr right now because the baby is just growing and growing! I had a crazy rash on my face Tuesday so the on call OB dr sent me to the ER to be sure it wasn't anything that could affect baby Junior. (That whole experience is a story in itself!) Everything is going great, no one knows what the rash is caused from but pretty sure it isn't affecting baby. Just to be sure because he/she hadn't seemed as active the past few days we did a quick ultrasound at work. I told the tech "Now I promised my husband that I wouldn't find out what the baby is unless he is with me so if by chance you can, DO NOT tell me!" She said "Well, I couldn't tell if I wanted to!" and turned the screen around to me...he/she was sitting on its bottom with its legs crossed punching everywhich way! It was so cute! We were dying laughing!
Hopefully we get to find out boy or girl on Friday! I'm so excited!! (So is Robby and Jenessa!!!) I can't wait to get started on the nursery!


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